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Agnes Strecker is a member of the Dance Master of America, Inc., the Dance Educators of America, Inc., the Dance Teachers’ Club of Boston, Inc. and under the instruction of various New York Teachers.

She constantly strives to remain innovative by continuing her education in dance instruction and choreography through frequenting conventions and seminars given by some of the top dance personalities in New York.


Julia has been dancing and performing with the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio since she was two years old. She has studied all disciplines of dance including ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, musical theater and gymnastics. Julia continues to take many classes continuing her dance education. She has attended many master classes and conventions such as the Pulse and the Teachers Conference in Virginia. As a member of the ASDS dance team she danced for many community and awareness events. She has been a teacher’s assistant and a teacher’s apprentice for five years. She has completed two levels of the Dance Teachers Club of Boston training course and will continue with this training next year.

Along with her passion for dance, Julia is also involved in gymnastics. She has been a competitive gymnast since age six and hopes to continue as long as possible. She has competed in many meets across the state and at the state level where she has had many accomplishments and awards. Julia is a long standing USA Gymnastics member and also coaches level team gymnasts.

Julia is happy and excited to pass on her passion for dance to her students. She enjoys helping her students become better dancers and gymnasts. She hopes to inspire each one of her students with her love for dance.


Assistant Dance Choreographer – Lynn YMCA of Metro North
Childcare professional skilled at remaining calm under pressure while keeping the daycare setting light and playful. Works hard to identify and address behavioral and educational issues. Also i been in the childcare field at the Lynn YMCA for 6 years and i just been rewarded with roles a regular staff member to a lead child staff working with kids made me diverse with children, my actions, and also making me a better individual. People may not know it but children have an great and highly effect on who we are.I been dancing for 8 years and its been wonderful i dance in my city for a dance team called ” ITM” ( InTheMakin)
Assistant Dance Choreographer
Express Yourself
I teach at a dance studio called Express Yourself, is a program that take place at a studio and also Explores an annual theme, our programming is created through success-oriented activities. I believe deeply that everyone has something creative to contribute, and all of this creativity comes together in a grand performance at the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre each May. Out Of that Program I take care of the dance Proportion which includes Highschool Freshmen – Seniors
Lead Youth Center Staff
Lynn YMCA of Metro North
I worked at the Lynn YMCA for 6 year I am now a Lead Youth Center staff my role consist of planning games for my group closing the program when its time to leave and also educating and being a big role model for the everyday kids that come to the program.


Energetic Zumba instructor with almost six months experience and a passion for total fitness and well being overall. Successful at working with individuals at different fitness levels to improve strength and maximize health. Analytical problem solver with strong multi-tasking time management and communication skills. I started participating in the Zumba program over a year ago and fell completely in love with it; so much so that I wanted to take it to a whole new level. Fellow instructors have inspired me to be the difference I want to make and to be a part of individual fitness journeys is very rewarding. I want participants to leave my class feeling good about themselves and to walk away with a fun experience doing what I like to call “exercise in disguise”!


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Mark is a Contemporary Musician who teaches Holistically. He teaches to better the entire person. As a student of Zen, he incorporates principles of balance, musical discipline, and self- awareness into his teaching methodology to allow the student’s inner light to shine through. Mark is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Ma. He has a BA in English: Dramatic Literature & Theater with a double minor in Music: Theory, Composition & Voice. At Wheaton, Mark was the Musical Director of the all-male A Cappella vocal ensemble, The Wheaton College Gentlemen Callers. They recorded five albums together. He has recorded two solo albums – The Lightworker’s Union and The Long Walk Home. Mark can be found playing out at local clubs, bars, cafes, and coffeehouses. Mark is a self-taught musician and a professionally trained vocalist. He has been teaching children and adults for the past 20 years.


My name is Mia Cirkic and I have been dancing with the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio for 15 years. Dance has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was two years old. Growing up, I always wanted to take all the dance classes that were offered for me. At age five, I started taking acting lessons at the Winthrop School of Performing Arts. I was also very involved with their musical theatre classes at the same time. I continued my passion for musical theatre mainly at the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio. I became a dance assistant when I was twelve years old and assisted dance for three years. When I was sixteen, I was offered to teach musical theatre at the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio. Along with this, I am also very involved in Serbian Folk Dance. Participating in Serbian Folk Dance is a big part of my life and it brings me pride to be able to represent my Serbian culture. Being involved in this has also given me the chance to be able to teach Serbian dance for the past three years. I also am currently very involved in my high school’s drama program. For the past three years, I have been involved in the fall plays, competition plays, and spring musicals at my school. Last year, I won an award from the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild for my acting in the play I was in for the drama festival. Dance will always be in my life. I am grateful to be a part of the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio and to be able to continue my love for dance as a student and teacher.


Nicole Chaput, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition, has been dancing for over twenty years. Specializing in tap, hip hop, jazz, and contemporary, she has performed at Jacob’s Pillow, Disney World, the Hatch Shell, and many venues in New York, Chicago, Boston, Maine, and New Hampshire. She received her training at The Dance Inn in Lexington, MA, and spent time studying dance at Arizona State University. She continues to dance and perform with world renowned tap dancer Ryan P. Casey’s tap company, as well as takes classes in and around Boston. When she is not dancing, Nicole continues to focus on her nutrition education and recently became a Registered Dietitian.


Patrice Cowhig is the ASDS yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for a number of years. In addition to teaching yoga at the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio, Patrice participates in weekly classes and yearly conventions. Patrice believes that yoga is the fusion of movement and breathe, stretching and strengthening, and energy and relaxation. Yoga is a wonderful way to stay fit, flexible, and relaxed. It helps both the body and mind by introducing breathing techniques, concentration and carefully guided poses to achieve relaxation. Patrice works with each individual’s flexibility level because yoga teaches you not to push yourself. Patrice graduated from North Shore Community College with a Physical Therapy Assistant degree. Patrice now works at Laura Lanes Skin Care in Salem, MA as a licensed massage therapist.


My name is Socrates Junior Trinidad, I have been dancing since I was a child and teaching since 2009. While in the Marines Corps, I gave personal lessons from North Carolina, South Carolina and even Florida. When I moved to California, I was invited to teach at nightclubs and studios during my time there. I am a recent Salem State Graduate, as well as 2017 Choreographer for the Latin American Student Organization. I am happy to help you learn and improve your Bachata, Salsa and Kizomba. This would be a fun and exciting class, hope to see you all soon.

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