Teen / Adult Beginning and/or Intermediate Ballet

Ballet is not only an art form for the young, but has great benefits for everyone. Open to male and females, adolescent through adulthood. This class is offered to students who have not had any prior ballet experience or rekindling your childhood spirit of dance. Designed to offer basic instruction and terminology so that students may focus on basic body strength and position, which are required as a solid foundation.

Ballet and/or Conditioning Classes offer:

  • Strength, Core Stability and Posture
  • Muscle Control and Balance
  • Stretch, Flexibility and Coordination
  • Stamina and Breathing Techniques
  • Added Benefits include: Intellectual stimulation; i.e. learning something new improves brain function.

Did you know….some health insurance providers offer programs for promoting healthy heart styles for adults and children.

Check with your health provider for a rewards program. Some providers will subsidize ballet and/or conditioning classes as part of the healthy rewards program.

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